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My Article Published in the European Journal of Economics, Law and Politics (ELP)

July 8th, 2018 | Posted by paths in Articles | blog | General

My article titled “Incorporating Sales Governance System into Sales Management: A Case Study on How it Could Minimize Risk of Losses and Damages from Fraudulent Sales Activities” was published in the European Journal of Economics, Law and Politics (ELP) in the June 2018 edition Vol.5, No.2.


The purpose of this article is to assist the management of any company to develop the sales governance system. This is to ensure that a sales department will generate trustworthy income for a corporation. The article utilizes the documentary research method (DSM), and will be divided into two parts respectively. The first part helps the manager to understand the nature of the sales fraud, through seven case studies. It also focuses on creating awareness among management, bearing in mind that fraudulent sales activities do not reside only within the confines of bribery. It could come up through other means such as; concealment, tie-in sales tactics, and so on. After taking into cognizance the sales fraud, its possible consequences and probable causes is based on the fact that it has become a necessity that the corporation must put in place a sales governance system that would govern the sales operation. Furthermore, it consists of three platforms and procedures which include: 1) The preventive platform that is aimed at preventing the new sales fraud, 2) The surveillance platform that focuses on controlling the preventive platform, and discovering existing but un-caught sales fraud, 3) The responsive platform which has room for recommended steps that management should follow in case any sales frauds was identified. The aim of the sales governance system cannot be overemphasized as they; minimize risk of financial losses and credibility damages, support corporate governance system, and as well enhance the effectiveness of sales management.

You can read the full article online here.

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